Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Photographers of Etsy - weekly highlights

Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite new listings from the Photographers of Etsy.  I am going to refrain from including one of my own today since yesterday's post was all about me.  You can also visit Etsy and search POE Team to see a wide variety of listings from this very talented group of photographers.  (Please note that all photographs in this listing are for sale on Etsy and are copyrighted.  No reproduction of these images is permitted without written permission of the photographer.)




by Kimberly Creagan of 

Visit the POE Team on Etsy to see more great photography.

DK Miller


  1. Diane ~ Thanks so much for including my Egyptian Goslings photo in your post. What nice photos you picked!

  2. Thank You for including my "Friends"among these

    Lovely picks!

  3. You are both welcome. Your photos are lovely and it was my pleasure to feature them.

  4. Diane- Thank you so much for including my Green Barrio Door in this post. They are all wonderful photos and I especially love the horses. So sweet!