Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Help Launch Method Press, A New Indie Art Magazine

Method Press is a new magazine celebrating low-fi thinkers, art and the method behind the art.

Founded this year by Katie King, and brought to life by her and talented team from the female Photographers of Etsy, Method Press became a reality.

Method press is an entirely volunteer-run operation.  The magazine features well known artists and lesser known artists and each issue has a unique theme that pulls the issue together.

To help get off the ground, Method Press has launched a Kickstarter Campaign and they need your help.

Donations can start as low as a dollar but if you assist more than that, they have some great deals for advertising, free issues and more.

Money raised will help allow Method press to 1) pay their writers, 2) send copies of the magazine to artists that are featured and 3) purchase better software.

You may wonder why you should help.  Why is Method Press important?  Method press is important because in this modern hi-fi, fast paced internet and smarphone centric world, it is crucial to keep in touch with the lower-fi way of being.  To keep recording art and culture as it happens, not just in the inter-webs but on print, in a beautiful bound magazine.

The mission statement sheds light on what the magazine means, just read it here:

Method Press is an art-filled idea magazine celebrating lo-fi thinkers. It is a consensus-based, not-for-profit, member run/owned, collectively managed magazine madly tracking down art as it moans to record its progress in history. We are not only interested in the making of art but in the art in the making.

Check out issue one and two here:


So visit the Launch Method Press Issue 04 Kickstarter and show your support.  Spread the word to others.  Tweet it, share on your Facebook page.