Friday, January 15, 2010

Crochet Designs by Cari

Today I am featuring Crochet Designs by Cari who can be found here:

Crochet Designs by Cari
crochet designs by Cari

Some of my favorite items include:

Crochet Brown And Pink Slippers
Crochet Brown And Pink Slippers


Crochet 3 Button Cowl/ Neckwarmer
Crochet 3 Button Cowl/Neckwarmer/Scarf - Multi Color 

Make sure you visit Crochet Designs by Cari to see the full selection.

DK Miller
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  1. Hi Diane! Love Cari's crocheted Mary Janes! Very cute....

    Also love the Red Daylily print in your shop! Can't wait until Spring is here and gardening season begins. I look forward to seeing even more of your beautiful photography!

  2. HI, how are you? Yes, they are cute Mary Janes. :-) Thanks for the complement on the REd Daylily photo. I can't wait for spring either. I do have a few winter photos that need listed but I've been busy with work and all that I just haven't gotten around to listing them. Not to mention I'm on the fence about keeping them au natural or exporting to photoshop and seeing what I can do there.

    But when there are flowers you can't keep me away. LOL.