Friday, November 20, 2009

Camera Angles Market from 1000 Markets

Today I am doing something different.  Rather than featuring an individual artist or store, I am going to feature a market.   For those who are not familiar with 1000 Markets, it is an on-line selling venue for handmade products and art.  The main concept that makes 1000 Markets different are the markets, which are thematic groups of artisans.  You can shop by marketplace if you are looking for something that fits the theme or you can shop at 1000 Markets using normal search functions.

As a photographer, I was thrilled when I was invited to join the Camera Angles Market, a group of talented photographers and a community in it's own for anyone who likes photography and wantes to share or learn.  You can see the whole Camera Angles Market here:

Camera Angles

Once inside the Camera Angles Market, you should check out their blog that has a wealth of information on photographers and techniques.  A Gift Guide was recently published and has some great gift ideas.  Check out the guide here:

Camera Angles Autumn Gift Guide

Camera Angles Autumn Gift Guide (photo above by  Julie Magers Soulen Photography)

In case you don't make it to the gift guide, which also has photos in it so you can see them, the list of featured photographers and items with links is:

Julie Magers Soulen Photography--- Red Leaf Brier

LJ Design & Photo --- A Morning of Autumn

Celtic Cat Photos --- Farm Window & Maples

Vin’Tij --- Autumn Leaves

Green Roots Photography --- Crow Amongst the Fall Foliage

The Shutterbug Eye Photography--- The Lady Bug

Brief Moments Photography --- Hushed

Daogreer Earth Works --- Mixed Company

Forgotten Beauty --- Gilpin Falls Covered Bridge

Little Odd Me --- Autumn Delight

LD Photography --- Fall Fire Leaf

JrzyGirlPhotography --- Iowa

Jude McConkey --- First Frost

Joanna's Photography --- Sleeping Beauty

The forums at Camera Angles also contains many discussions about photographic techniques as well as offers opportunities to share ones work.  You do not have to be a market member to participate.  They are open to help new photographers as well.

So visit The Camera Angles Market and check out the talented photographers that are there.  I will try to post a feature on a Camera Angles member on a weekly basis through the holiday season to really let you all see the varied talent that resides there.

Please feel free to visit my 1000 Markets store The Shutterbug Eye where I have a variety of blank photo note cards and photographic prints for sale.

The Shutterbug Eye, Nature photography & more

DK Miller
The Shutterbug Eye, Nature photography and more

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