Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's featured artist - Acacias Gallery

Today I'm featuring Acacias Gallery which is owned and run by Krishala, who also runs a gallery in Switzerland. Krishala is an artist, photgrapher and painter. Recently she has been concentrating on making my fine art more affordable to you by offering exclusive jewelry with my artwork on.
This great pendant is one example of affordable fine art that you can wear.

Beautiful new artwork pendant
Beautiful new artwork pendant Call Me

Below is an oil painting on 20x32 canvas

Oil painting on canvas
I'm now going to share one item from my shop The Shutterbug Eye.

Peony buds in BW photograph 8x10 print
Peony Buds in BW photograph - 8x10 fine art print

Come back tomorrow to see who the Artfire Crazy Train rider is.

DK Miller
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